Folding Arm Awnings

Folding arm awnings are what we specialise in and because of that they are a major part of our business and what we do best. We supply Weinor and Markilux awnings because they are manufacturers of high quality awnings that will create a perfect outdoor area which is aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional. Both companies have achieved the highly sought after German Red Dot award for design. Not only leaders in design these awnings are made with solid aluminium extrusions and well engineered parts for long lasting quality. This coupled with Somfy motors and high quality fabrics all come together to give you the best we can offer. Once you have purchased a Weinor or Markilux product it will provide life long reliable service. 


Pergotex and Plaza Viva

The Plaza Viva and the Pergotex are a step up from the folding arm awning as they are supported on front posts and are generally fixed to the wall on one elevation but can be free standing systems. The front posts allow for a greater width and projection and single systems can stretch up to 6 metres wide by 5 metre projection thus creating a strong well covered outdoor living area. These are more permanent structures than awnings and as such provide a stable shading area and can withstand more adverse weather conditions. The Plaza Viva is similar to an awning when closed but the fabric is attached in a “zip” system to the side channels which keeps the fabric taut and as rigid as possible. The Pergotex has a special type of fabric which, when fully extended, forms an extremely tight rigid roof – both systems channel water into gutter systems. These systems, coupled with lights and heaters, can be used all year round. A real extension to your home and a great place for family gatherings outdoors.   

Markilux 110 awning