Giant Umbrellas

Giant Umbrellas
The great British weather may be a national obsession, but it’s no good for trade! The SOLUTION? – Flamingo Blinds UK!

We provide giant umbrellas with optional heating, lighting – low voltage and fluorescent, fiber optics effects, summer cooling fans, portable stands, side sheets, speakers and graphics for year-round custom.

Although suitable for domestic situations where a big area of coverage is required, our umbrellas are manufactured to withstand continuous use in commercial situations such as corporate venues, fast-food chains, cafes, bars and restaurants, pubs and clubs, school play areas, designated smoking areas and nursing homes, interior themed developments.

We also provide umbrellas for patio, garden and terraces – best solution for sun protection. Our unique umbrella systems give you a low cost way to expand trade and achieve a higher profile.

Vortex Parasols


The Vortex parasol provides the perfect all-year round solution for cafes, bars and restaurants. Extend your trading area with Vortex parasols during all seasons and hours of the day with our heating and lighting solutions.


Vortex parasols are a venture into an area where few manufacturers dare to tread. High strength, high tensile parasols require a careful blend of materials and engineering to create the perfect product for hotels, B&Bs and inns.


Extend your reach and maximise the space utilisation of your retail premises with the Vortex giant umbrellas. An extensive range of colours and branding options will ensure high visibility and exposure to your walk-in and drive-by traffic.


Vortex parasols can be specified to create an eye-catching splash of colour or blend into your garden. No more hassle with cheap, canvas umbrellas, the Vortex provides an attractive semi-permanent fixture that is guaranteed to turn heads!



Vortex umbrellas can provide shelter from the elements in the winter months and protection from the sun rays in the summer. Guttering is available to link Vortex parasols together to create large covered areas for outdoor areas.