Conservatory Blinds

Sunlight at all times of the year is one of the best features that make special rooms into favourite places. The classic conservatory, the glazed veranda, loggia or pergola: Markilux conservatory awnings help to present bright light in winter and a pleasant light in summer:

  • With indented tracks for conservatories with bevelled roofs – Markilux 8500
  • The system that makes terraces into pleasant shady rooms. Large area protection from the sun without glass – Markilux RS-8000
  • Protection from light and heat with an airy atmosphere. A simple alternative that is easy to live with – Markilux roof festoon
  • More atmosphere for more area, the Markilux, that has almost no limits – Markilux 8000 flat system and Markilux 8000 curved front system
  • Fitted inside or out, the “little” Markilux for your conservatory makes every season really pleasant – Markilux 780/880

Authorized dealer of Luxaflex blinds in UK, Flamingo Blinds offers conservatory blinds for roofs and windows. To be able to use and enjoy your conservatory all year round, through scorching hot summers or icy cold winters it is important to have a window dressing that protects your furnishings as well as aid in the controlling of temperature within your conservatory.

Pleated blinds are the most suitable solution for conservatory roofs as they can be made to fit any of the unusual shapes encountered. Coordinate these with other conservatory blinds types to help you create the perfect setting.

For roofs, an effective fabric will be backed with a solar reflective coating and similar or better still, be “Duette”, the Luxaflexs “Honeycomb” effect material with the best insulation and heat retention(winter) and heat reflective properties(for summer).

Pinoleum Blinds wood weave are another option, also available with a secondary reflective backing, for south or west facing conservatories.

A conservatory is a significant investment, perhaps second only to that of a home. It’s important that the choice of products available to enhance the enjoyment of a new conservatory are wide ranging and appropriate to the task. The Louvolite portfolio offers a huge variety of product options across a variety of blind types to help you create that special, individual look.

In addition, the necessary level of shade, heat reduction and in the evening, privacy can be achieved. The unique Louvolite Perfect Fit system allows a fully integrated effect to be achieved with blinds looking and performing as one with the conservatory glazing panels. Whether you decide to utilize a combination of product types or select a uniform look for your conservatory, rest assured Louvolite blinds will provide lasting enjoyment.