Velux Blinds

Available at Flamingo Blinds UK direct from Velux as Pleated, Roller and Venetian Blinds.

Pleated Velux blinds

An exciting new look to windows and maximum light control. Also available in combination of a blackout blind and a pleated blind.

Venetian Velux blinds

The venetian blinds combines classic elegance and practical simplicity, and bringing modern advances to a design classic. Ideal for humid rooms such as bathrooms.

Roller Velux blinds

Practical solutions at a reasonable price. Privacy, decorating and sun protection, roller blinds are very usefull in kitchens, bathrooms and rooms with a high level of humidity.

ONLY for VELUX Windows!

For other skylight / sloping windows, Luxaflex Skylight Window Blinds System will be suitable in most other cases. A minimum 40mm (without obstruction by handles) is required between glass and front edge or face of window frame.