We are awning specialists with over 30 years of experience in the installation of these systems. We deal solely with 2 of the top awning manufacturers in Europe: Weinor and Markilux, supplying and fitting high end bespoke awnings and pergola systems.

Folding Arm Awnings

Weinor and Markilux are both German awning manufacturers and offer extremely high-quality systems. They have both won the coveted Red Dot award for design and functionality. These awnings are ideally suited to the UK climate as they are solidly built with strength and safety in mind. Both these companies supply fully motorised systems to operate the awnings as well as heaters and lights to create the perfect outdoor atmosphere. Add integrated LED lights and on our flagship awnings (Opal, Semina Life) add retractable valances for extra sun protection.

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Bespoke Spreader Brackets

UK made specialist spreader plates are used to spread the load of the awning down the wall if the awning is to be fitted above bifold doors on a new extension. The top of the wall is usually not strong enough to support an awning, so we use these special brackets to allow for a much stronger fixing for your awning.

Awning Accessories


A paravento is a vertical awning which can be pulled out to enclose one or both sides of your awning for wind and rain protection.


We supply heaters for both Weinor and Markilux as well as ‘after-market’ patio heaters which can be operated by a handheld remote control.

Light Bars

Light bars can be added to create an ambience for your patio area in the evening and make it usable all through the day.

Winding Handles

We supply new winding handles for opening and closing your manual awning.

Remote Controls

New remote controls for your operating system, whichever it may be.


Sun and wind sensors can be added to your awning for safety or for fully automatic functionality.

Awning recovers

Is your awning looking a little tired and in need of some TLC? We have a large range of awning fabrics to choose from. Our recovering service includes a complete clean of all hardware and a full service of all working parts as well as a brand-new cover.

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Awning repairs

With our many years of experience we can repair most awning problems. We can change your motor if needed, overcome any electrical problems, Reprogramme your existing remote control or provide you with new remote controls and repair any broken parts. We can also do a complete refit of your awning if you are worried about the original installation.

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Thomas Sanderson Awnings

The company Thomas Sanderson fitted many Weinor and Markilux awnings many years ago. As official dealers for Weinor and Markilux, we can fully recondition, service and repair your original Sanderson awning, bringing it back to its former glory. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any assistance with a Sanderson awning. We can change the motor and sensors for you, provide new remote controls and reprogramme your system if need be, as well as a complete service and a brand-new fabric cover. Thomas Sanderson used a specific wiring system which can now be easily updated with integrated motors or overhauled too.

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